Full Focus Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list down below of frequently asked questions for your convenience!! If you have any other questions at all, Please feel free to email me at FullFocusPhotographyy@gmail.com ◡̈

| Session FAQ |

Do you require a deposit?

Yes! I require a retainer to book and secure your session
date upon signing the contract. That will be added toward your total

How long is the TAT for my Gallery?

Turn around time for regular Galleries are usually about 3-4
Weeks to finalize and have the full gallery ready to send out. This
time frame does not include weekends and/or holidays as I step
away from my computer to be with family!

Do you give out RAW (unedited) files?

So sorry, I do not! -- Chef's don't serve raw pork and Photographers
don't serve RAW edits!

If we cancel the session, will we receive our retainer fee back?

Unfortunately no. The retainer fee is used to reserve your date.
Once we've reserved your date, we do not accept new clients
and/or events for that date.

Do you charge a Travel Fee?

Yes - all depending on location of venue! I charge $0.75 per mile,
round trip. A travel fee is added if location is 20+ miles from my